10 Best Skateboard Decks 2019 Buying Guide

When shopping for the best suited skateboard deck, there are plenty of product qualities that you need to look into. Equally important, you also need to go through product reviews of many skateboard deck models before making a decision.

In order to assist you with this, our team has arranged this Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks review along with some practical buying guides for you to sift through. Hopefully, with this content, you will gain some insights about the type and style of the skateboard deck most suitable for your needs.

10. Self-Customizable Skateboard Deck

  • CUSTOMIZABLE DECK: With Skateboard Collective's...
  • NATURAL BOTTOM: The natural bottom of Skateboard...
  • COLORFUL TOPSHEET: Our random topsheets give your...
  • COLLECTIVE QUALITY: Skateboard Collective's full...

The first pick today goes to this customizable deck which is perfect for both beginners and professional skateboarders. The bottom part of the deck is well designed; allowing you to decorate the deck the way you want. You can paint any artwork or stick the colorful sticker on it with ease.

For ensuring the perfect ride, this deck comes with a sturdy base. It is great if you are looking for a product that gives you smooth rides always. The material used for producing it is the durable maple. In terms of quality, this one is guaranteed to build to last.

09. Graphic Skateboard Deck by Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Skateboards
  • MORE POP: Skaters are always asking how to get...
  • LAST LONGER THAN MAPLE: These professional boards...
  • STRONGER AND MORE FLEXIBLE: These pro boards have...
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Bamboo Skateboards are made out of...
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: These deep concave...

Bamboo Skateboards is one of the world-famous brands when we talk about skateboards and decks. First of all, this board is carefully made for giving you the convenience in painting and decorating it the way you want. As the name has suggested, it is made from the bamboo, and the quality of it is naturally better than maple.

Besides this, it is ultra strong, so you can enjoy riding on it without any concern. With the production from the high-quality materials, not only that the bamboo is stronger, but it is also good for the environment too. If you are looking for a strong yet light board, we bet that this product is the right option. This brand offers many multiple sizes for you to choose too.

08. Blank Skateboard Decks by Cal 7

Cal 7
  • 7-Ply Maple Blank Skateboard Deck, Good for...
  • Available in Sizes: 7.75", 8.0", 8.25", 8.5"
  • Available in a Variety of Colors to Show Off Your...
  • Medium Concave Deck, Perfect for Street and Park...
  • Perfect for Skaters at any Skill Level

Another top rated product in the list today is brought to you by Cal This 7-Ply deck is well designed from maple, so it is guaranteed to carry a superb quality. The company of this product aims to offer options for the users, so it is produced in many different sizes such as 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 inches. Each of them is perfect for different users and riding conditions.

More than this, it can save you from spending time and money painting on the deck. It comes in various colors, so you can choose the one you like best. We would like to remind you that this medium concave deck is suitable for riding on the street and park skating.

07. Skateboard Storage Rack by StoreYourBoard

Naked Skate
  • Great way to show off your favorite board!
  • 100% Powder coat aluminum - never rusts
  • Matte black powder coat is scratch resistant
  • Soft felt liner protects your equipment
  • Made in America!

Known for its superb quality, this skateboard is perfect for riding on all types of pavement. It is the naked skate, the one that allows you to decorate it the way you want. For ensuring the superb quality, this product is powder coated with aluminum. If you get this, you will never need to concern about the rusts.

What’s more, the deck is also attached with the soft liner too. You can now use this product without worrying if it gets scratched or damaged. If you love this product, don’t wait any longer since it can run out of stock very fast.

06. Skateboard Deck Wall Mount System by Deck Block

Deck Block
  • Fits old-school and current decks
  • No wall damage using 3M Command Strips
  • Mount deck in under 5 minutes on an angle
  • Ability to mount two decks vertically per pack
  • Discreet, low profile, transparent plastic design

For those who are looking for the skateboard deck which can be easily managed, the product from Deck Block is the right one. This incredible product is well designed for mounting onto the wall without damaging it. The 3M damage-free tape is given in the package, so you can use it instead of the screws. Next, the mounting task is very easy too. You may need around 5 minutes in order to complete it.

This twin pack allows you to place 2 decks at the same time without any concern. More than this, it can go vertically and horizontally. If we take a closer look at the design of it, it is very simple and attractive.

05. Blank Skateboard Deck by Moose

  • D063

The next skateboard deck is known to be the best in terms of quality and price. First off, this incredible product is a Canadian product and it is 100% thoroughly made from maple. The quality of this product is superb; therefore, you can enjoy having the sturdy ride with it. It is also a good idea to choose this one for yourself since it can be customized the way you like. You can paint or add any sticker on it to show your style.

More than this, the maximum weight that it can support is high; therefore, it is great for just about anyone. If you know any who loves skateboarding, surprise him/her with this great gift.

04. Blank Skateboard Decks by NPET

  • Size: 31inch x 8inch. Save 10% on NPET Skateboard...
  • Holes spacing: 4 cm
  • Material: 7 plies Canadian Maple Deck. Color:...
  • Deck with a double kick, concave shape. Max load...
  • DIY Blank Skateboard, Create your kid's ability of...

This skateboard deck comes under the famous brand, NPET. The size of this skateboard deck is 31 x 8 inches. It also allows you to customize it by yourself too. If we take a closer look at the design of it, the spacing holes of it is 4 cm. Similar to many other trustable brands, the quality of it is built to last. The material used for producing this product is maple, and it is known for the durability that it offers.

Next, it comes in natural color, making it very simple and easy to decorate. It is also good to notice that the maximum weight that it can support is 200 kg. With the design of the curve on the nose and tail, you can pop and move flexibly.

03. Old School Skateboard Decks by Moose

  • CLASSIC SHAPE - This old school skateboard deck...
  • VERSATILE - The concave provides stability, and...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE- You have the freedom to customize...
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - This 7-ply deck features a...

We have spotted another impressive skateboard deck and we are sure that you will love it. As one of Moose products, you can have your full trust on this superb product. To begin with, we would like to remind you that the size of it is 33 x 10 inches. Adding extra convenience for the user, the holes are already drilled. This way you can just attach the wheels and be ready for the fun ride. This brand offers the choice in choosing the perfect color for yourself too.

There are up to 5 different colors, so you can pick the right one for yourself with ease. Please be noted that this product comes in the perfect wrap. It is also a good idea to choose it as a gift for your beloved ones.

02. Skateboard Flight Deck by Powell-Peralta

  • Flight decks are stronger, thinner and lighter...
  • Flight decks allow you to extend your limits,...
  • Flight decks are: Thinner - as thin as your phone,...
  • Team testing suggests that Flight decks will last...

If you are looking for a deck that is durable and affordable, we highly recommend this Powell-Peralta skateboard. This one is a budget-friendly product that adopts the new design. This product is perfect if you want to get full control over it. This one is lighter than other competitive products. Despite its lightness, the durability of it is ensured. As you take a closer look at the construction of it, it chooses to use the combination of epoxy glue and fiber.

Compared to maple skateboards, the quality of this product lasts even longer. Don’t worry about its quality, this awesome deck is tested and proven to carry exceptional quality. The good news for the user is, this product comes with a reliable warranty too.

01. Black / White Skateboard Deck by Baker

  • This Baker Skateboard Deck is 8.25 inches wide.
  • This is for a skateboard deck only, don't forget...

Coming as the last product in the list today, Baker is known to be the champion in the list today. The very first information that you should take note is the width of it. It is 8.25 inches; therefore, you will have more than enough space for riding on. More than just being a very nice skateboard, this superb product is also known to be the right item to show your style too.
The logo attached on the deck is sleek black, while the skateboard comes in white. The combination of this two will sure to capture your heart, and the quality will not disappoint.


Among the options we have given you above, have you found any product you’d like to try yet? We know that all the skateboard decks are different in size, feature, and material used to produce them. No matter what type of deck you are going to get, getting the full understanding about each product is important. Hence, for further assistance, here is our short buying guide for you.

Buying Guides – Best Skateboard Decks

• Deck size
The first thing we highly recommend you to look at when shopping for a skateboard deck is the size of the deck. Size varies from one product to another; therefore, the need can be determined based on the riding skill of the skateboarder. Getting the right deck helps you move even better. Next, the general size that we suggest is about 8 inches. This size is perfect for both beginners and professional riders.

• Material
There are many types of different materials found in a skateboard deck. Those include maple, bamboo, fiber and epoxy glue. Each one of them is known to carry its own leading point. First off, the maple deck is widely known for the superb durability that it offers. If you are looking for the long-lasting product, a maple deck is highly recommended. Besides, bamboo is also chosen for producing the best decks, too. An eco-friendly deck is usually lighter than the maple ones.

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