Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 in 2019

If you are looking for a mountain bike under 500 to buy in 2019, then you will be surprised by the numerous options currently available in the market. Of course, you will want to acquire an affordable bike; however, the price is not always the primary determinant of a bike quality. That is why you may purchase a bike within your price range, but the quality is wanting.

This presents another challenge for those individuals seeking to buy a good mountain bicycle on a limited budget. If this is your concern, then worry no more as we unveil a list of top ten quality bikes for your consideration.

10. The 26-inch Merax Finiss bike

The 26-inch Merax Finiss bike

If you are looking for a lightweight bike, then Merax Finish is the right choice. Its frame is made of stainless steel while wheels are of magnesium alloy. The bike comes with an advanced mechanical suspension for smooth riding, increased control, and seamless bumps
negotiation. The 21-speed bike and instant front/rear mechanical disc brake system make the bike of the fastest and safest mountain bike. The 257 USD bike is ideal for tall riders, so if you are 5.7 feet and above, then this your choice!

09. Diamondback Hardtail Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike

Diamondback Hardtail Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike

If you are looking for an entry or intermediate level mountain bike, then Diamondback’s Hardtail Overdrive is the machine to consider. The bicycle is available in four different frame sizes, which means bikers of whichever height can find one that fits them. Its brakes are superb, made of the Tektro mechanical disc, allowing breaking even in poor terrains. The 24-speed derailleur makes it one of the fastest mountain bikes. Other features include XCT-27 coil spring and big knobby wheels making the bike to have a firm grip even in the roughest terrains. The aluminum frames ensure that the bike last longer. The 374 USD machine is a unisex bike for people shorter than 5.6 feet.

08. Orkan Hybrid Mountain 27.5” Bike

Orkan Hybrid Mountain 27.5” Bike

The Orkan hybrid bike is one of the high-quality bikes, yet offered at only 144 USD. Its frame is made of steel, ensuring the bike do not rust and last longer. The bike can navigate through rough terrains thanks to its suspension fork and minimal vibration. The 21-speed bike is fitted with Shimano rear derailleur shift for precise and easy shifting. The stylish and fashionable design bike is ideal for riders not exceeding 200 lbs and under 5.9”. In fact, its seat is adjustable to accommodate different heights.

07. 3.0 Vilano Blackjack Mountain bike

3.0 Vilano Blackjack Mountain bike

If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality entry-level mountain bike, then the 3.0 Vilano Blackjack may be your right choice. The bike boasts of a hardtail frame made of a magnesium alloy. It features mechanical disc brakes, allowing bikers to navigate through one of the toughest terrains. The superb suspension fork of this bike ensures a seamless ride when climbing pumps and descending rough surfaces. The double-wall alloy rims and 29-inch wheels imply that this is the bike for tall riders. The 299 USD and the 8-speed bike is ideal for starters, who are not interested in high-speed riding experience.

06. Diamondback Cobra Complete Bike

Diamondback Cobra Complete Bike

The new 2010 Cobra complete mountain bike from Diamondback is the bike for big kids. It is built using a lightweight T6 aluminum frame that is both durable and uniquely sturdy. The six-speed drivetrain gear with trigger shifter improves efficiency and makes shifting
easier, giving young riders a boost on climbs. The bike is applauded for its liner pull braking system, which gives riders complete control and safe riding. The 134 USD bicycle best serves as a cross-country bike, but it can also ride well in other terrains.

05. 2018 1.0 Gravity FSX Dual/Full Suspension Bike

2018 1.0 Gravity FSX Dual/Full Suspension Bike

The product above is considered as one of the best bikes under 500 as far as dual suspension category is concerned. The 2019 bike features adjustable rear and front suspensions, adjustable front/rear disc brakes that are durable and strong as well as easy to operate Shimano shifters. The powerful brakes are highly responsive in tough terrains. The bicycle boasts of a single pivot technology sturdy frame made of aluminum. The 24-speed bike allows a variety of gear shifting choices, making it one of the fastest bikes in its category. The product is available in different sizes to gather for the needs of different heights of cyclists.

04. Tokul 1 Raleigh Mountain Bike

Tokul 1 Raleigh Mountain Bike

The Raleigh Tokul bike is designed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, making it one of the lightest bikes ideal for starters. The bike comes 27” sporty wheels to offer riders a smooth and comfortable ride on rough surfaces. The hydraulic Tektro Auriga disc braking
system ensures consistent stopping power when braking at high speeds. The Suntour SR 120mm XCM fork suspension allows for smooth cycling on extremely rough terrains. Besides that, the bike features a dominant Shimano derailleur shifting and gear system.

03. Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Although the price of this bike can go well over 500, lower prices (below 500) are available on select options. The bike boasts of a dual full suspension feature. The 29” alloy wheels are designed to have something called quick release front. The product also features alloy front/rear disc brakes, allowing it stop safely at high speeds. The 21-speed bike and Shimano rear shifters ensure the bike has seamlessly gear shifting and attains high speed within the least time possible. The sturdy suspension aluminum frame ensures maximum performance and comfort is achieved.

02. New 2018 Tokul 24 Raleigh Complete Bike

New 2018 Tokul 24 Raleigh Complete Bike

If you are looking for the best mountain bike for kids aging between 8 and 12 years and ranging between 53 and 61 inches, then this product may be the right choice. The bike has been designed with a low stand-over aluminum frame for easy on/off. This mountain bike is fitted with SRS suspension fork for smoothening out bumps as well as to increase the riding control of the biker. The 24” bike has a mechanical disc brake providing excellent control even in rough terrains.

01. Talus 2 Raleigh Mountain Bikes

Talus 2 Raleigh Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for a completely assembled bike, then Talus 2 could be your preferred choice. The bike is available in four different frame sizes gathering needs of different size riders. The bike is built on a steel frame, giving it a heavier feel. The product has a starter friendly oil-shock system for seamless maneuvering even in rough terrains. Although it has front suspension only, the 24-speed gear system makes it one of the fastest bikes.

Factors to consider before investing your money on a-500 and below mountain bike

You have saved for many months and now you have 500 dollars to spend on buying a mountain bike. How do you decide on the best bike? Well, every prospective bicycle buyer ought to have some factors at hand to help them find one of the most exciting products that will not only give them the value of money but also serve best the intended purpose. Indeed, there are endless factors to consider, but in a nutshell, it includes the following:

  • Mountain bike fit and size
  • Gender-specific requirements; remember there are bikes for men, women, and unisex
  • Energy efficiency
  • Key components of the bike
  • Type of the mountain bike (from which manufacturer) and nature of the biking adventure


The fact that you have a limited budget is not an issue now as it is possible that you can find one of the best mountain bikes offering high performance and unique experience. The most important thing is for buyers to carry our proper research on the best bikes offered at affordable prices. Remember, cheaply priced bikes does not necessarily mean they are of low quality. The only that is required is to ensure you maintain and fine-tune your bike to ensure it last longer and provides optimal performance.

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