Top 10 Best Label Maker for Home Use in 2019

Labeling is an important part of any business or activity. Labeling helps you stay organized as you know what is where which saves much energy. Hence the label makers helps us with fast label printing. Label maker instantly prints a label for you. You can put it on anything from files to office containers or storage systems or in warehouse. But not only just for work or office. You can use label maker for your home as well. There are so many things a home contains for obvious reasons. It’s not easy for a person to remember everything as to where it is kept. Hence label makers helps keep everything in place and hassle free.

Here are the Best Label Makers for Home Use:

10. DYMO Label Manager 160 Handheld

DYMO Label Manager 160 Handheld

This label maker has a QWERTY keyboard. Therefore it’s easy to type quickly and edit in one touch with its fast formatting keys. It creates high quality labels. It is compact and lightweight so one can use it on anything and everywhere. This label maker also comes with one year limited warranty. This product works best with Polaroid AAA batteries.

09. DYMO Label Writer 450 Thermal Label Printer

DYMO Label Writer 450 Thermal Label Printer

This label printer has a thermal printing technology which does not require those expensive inks and toners. This product can create labels directly from Microsoft word, Excel, Outlook and even QuickBooks further saving a lot more time. It can also print and customize addresses, barcode labels, name badges and a lot more from computer or laptops.

08. Brother P-Touch PT- D210 Label Maker

Brother P-Touch PT- D210 Label Maker

This label maker gives quick access to fonts, frames and symbols. It has options for like 14 fonts with 95 frames and more than 600 symbols to choose from. It also has templates that can be used with any file and labels with decorative patterns. One can also store up to 30 labels for quick printing or reprinting. You can also preview you label as to how it looks before printing.

07. Brother P-Touch Easy Portable Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Easy Portable Label Maker

This product too comes with QWERTY keypad. It is very lightweight and portable so you can carry wherever you want and make your labels. This product doesn’t offer much fonts, frames and styles. It has only 3 fonts with 14 frames and only more than 250 symbols to choose from. There is also an option of graphical display before printing the label.

06. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

This product comes with rubber bumpers. The material of this product is also rubber unlike others. It has a handheld printer with keyboard which helps create multi line labels for wires, panels, circuit boards and such other industrial purposes. The rubber makes this product tough on the outside. The texts of this product are printed in single color.

05. Xyron XRN500EN 5 Inch Create a Sticker Machine

Xyron XRN500EN 5 Inch Create a Sticker Machine

This product has little different features from the rest of the products. It creates 5 inch stickers. This product is perfect for making scrapbook pages or any greeting cards with photos or tags for that matter. It is also helpful to make labels as well. It requires no batteries, no electricity or any heat. In addition it also applies an adhesive to its stickers from an edge to edge for items up to 5 inches which includes papers, ribbons and photos.

04. Brother QL-700 Label Printer

Brother QL-700 Label Printer

This product is helpful for printing cost effective paper labels for packages, envelopes, banners, discs, postages and more. This doesn’t require any ink or toner as it has drop in rolls which are more convenient to use. There is an auto cutter as well which cuts the single or multiple labels at a time. It can print up to 93 labels per minute due to its ultra printing technology.

03. Epson Label Works LW-300 Label Maker

Epson Label Works LW-300 Label Maker

This label maker has variety of fonts, styles and symbols. It also curbs wasting of paper due to its smaller margin techniques. It can store up to 30 files. It is very easy to use and automatically prints with a split back for peeling the labels easily.

02. NYEAR Label Printer

NYEAR Label Printer

This product is best for outlets as it is a thermal USB printer which supports android and ios systems. It is very small in size and saves a lot of space. It is most ideal for bill printing in super markets, retail stores, malls and restaurants.

01. Brady BMP71 Label Printer

Brady BMP71 Label Printer

This product comes with unique feature of rechargeable battery. It is a label maker which creates multi line signs and labels for industrial uses. It has a carrying handle as well so you can carry it easily. It can import and export printer generated labels as well with ease.
Tips to Choose a Best Label Maker
● Go for label maker which is easy to use if your work demands large number of labels at a time. This will make your work easy without much stress. You can also opt for thermal printers which require no ink or toners if you are looking for hassle free experience.
● If you have a work which requires you to be decorative and have decorative labels you can go for a printer which provides wide range of fonts, styles, patterns and symbols.
● If you are the one who is going to use label maker or printer only fewer times or much lesser then you can opt for products which offer rechargeable batteries. As batteries of such label maker can deteriorate if you don’t use it much often.
● One can also opt for label makers that provide great warranty if you are planning to save money in just one go, the product can be high in price but will work in long run.


Well, a person can choose a label maker according to their needs. To start with one can think of what type of label maker they want as per their needs, as there are many available in the market. If it’s for beginners or home makers there are simple QWERTY keyboard label printers you can opt for. They are easy to use. Also all label makers have unique features as mentioned above as some print labels, some print barcodes and some print stickers hence mentioning the best one would be difficult. Therefore you can choose for the one that best matches your needs.

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