Top 5 Best Grow Lamps in 2019 Reviews

Lights lovers, are you finding it hard to look for the perfect LED light that suits your indoor plants and helps with its growth? Not to also mention most of the cameraman out there, have you always been trying to search for grow lights to help with lighting in your photoshoot? Normally, those lights come in so many forms that sometimes, it is hard to just buy one color and missed out another one.

As people who embrace the light, does not matter whether it is natural or artificial, you would definitely want one that would work for most of the needs! With the list below, your worries are no longer a concern! It will direct to five most popular electric light that will truly captivate your interest! Some might have a lot of colors, while some have a few! What are you waiting for, check them out!

01. LED Grow Light Bulb

LED Grow Light Bulb
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The first type of artificial light you are seeing is from TaoTronics with their newest product on sale. With this one, you can two choices to select between 12 watts or 30 watts according to the power system of where you place it. This new invention was made from aluminum fins dissipate material which helps prevent from creating too much heat. Also, it has a 60 degree light beaming angle that would shine the light to the wherever side you want. Most importantly, you will be able to find it in 3 different frame covers; white, golden, and green. These are definitely the sort of important to considered before buying. For example, if your intention is to place it next to your plants to give supporting lights for it to grow, so getting a green one would be the best as it will blend well with the background.

Product Features

  • Current Price: Out of stock
  • Brand By: TaoTronics

02. King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips
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If you are looking for all colors grow light that will support your greenhouse indoor plants, then this piece of KingLed is the ideal one for you. On the surface, you can see that it has a full spectrum which gives out all the RGB colors, IR, and UV that functions almost the same as the light directly from the sun.

This product can definitely save you a lot when it comes to deal with energy consumption, as it only uses around 185-watt which is the least one comparing to other HPS/MH lamp. Once it saves power, it will definitely decrease the amount of money as well. Another good point about this light is that it will never get too hot easily. There is a glass form on the led board which is connected with the cooling fan on the individual LED, so you will not have to worry about the heat.

Product Features

  • Current Price: $112.00
  • Brand By: KingLED
  • Prime: 1
  • Minimum Price: $112.00
  • In Stock: Yes

03. UNIFUN New Light Plant Bulbs

UNIFUN New Light Plant Bulbs
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This is another most recommended LED lights for providing as almost the same as natural sunlight for your indoor vegetable farm and garden. On this plate of colorful light, it comes with a system of 4 peak bands including; red, blue, UV, and IR. They have made this product to have 4 UV and 4 IR LEDs bulbs to look a bit dimmer than other bulbs, in order to suit it properly with any type of plants.

The best part about these UNIFUN LEDs is that it consumes a little energy but gives you a high-quality light which could last at the longest 50,000 hours. More importantly, it does not need an inner fan to help to reduce the heat but this upgraded device is already structured with a cooling heat sink which does not produce disturbing noise as the fan does.

Product Features

  • Full Price: - $39.99
  • Current Price: $21.99
  • Saving: $18.00
  • Saving Percent: 45%
  • Brand By: UNIFUN
  • Prime: 1
  • Minimum Price: $21.99
  • In Stock: Yes

04. Hgrope 40 LEDs Indoor Plant Lamps

Hgrope 40 LEDs Indoor Plant Lamps
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The fourth product you are seeing definitely differs from the 3 above as it looks more like a chopstick. Each of them contains 4 UV and 2 IR bulbs inside to help your plants grow even faster and healthier. Looking on the outside, you can see that its whole body, the neck, and the clip to grip the LEDs arm, they are all made of aluminum.

It is an important part as it helps to position the direction of the light and make it more convenient for you as a user. There is a notice about placing this particular product in order not to burn your trees, which is by placing it between 10 to 16 inches away from the plants. Finally, all you need for this product to does it work is plug it in, switch the power on, and it is ready to bloom. You can also turn only one arm on!

Product Features

  • Full Price: - $49.99
  • Current Price: $18.99
  • Saving: $31.00
  • Saving Percent: 62%
  • Brand By: Hgrope
  • Prime: 1
  • Minimum Price: $18.99
  • In Stock: Yes

05. Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS600 600

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS600 600
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Here comes the final light bulb which is available in 3 ranges of watts power; 400, 600, and 1000 Due to its design of 2000K red and orange spectrum, it is very beneficial to not only help with the quick growing but also enhance the capability in fruiting as well. With its expected lasting duration of 24,000 hours, it will only consume of 110-volt of power, which can save both electrical power and money.

A cautious for this kind of bulb is that you have to leave it for 3 to 5 minutes once you turn it on, in order to let it warm up before getting started. The same goes to when shutting it off. People that have used this product said the quality and functions are exactly the same to what is written in the instruction, so they love it!

Product Features

  • Current Price: $16.99
  • Brand By: Apollo Horticulture
  • Prime: 1
  • Minimum Price: $16.99
  • In Stock: Yes

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