Top 5 Best GPS Watches in 2019 Reviews

With the development of modern technology, we could see that the internet is able to be used at almost every little corner around the world. The involvement of the internet has made it very beneficial for our daily life as it helps us connect to the world more easily and faster.

Speaking of which, one of the most noticeable improvement is regarding the accessibility of GPS. Before, people might have to spend a lot in order to have GPS connection on their mobile, or their vehicle, or even to connect to map application. However, nowadays it even available on the small device on our wrist, watch.

For now, the watch itself does not only function the role of telling you time or dates, but it can also tell you which way to go or where to go. If you want to find out more about this modernized technology, the list below will give you some details of how it has developed.

Not to mention that they are the top 5 most used GPS watch with the best review in the year. Of course, you might want to know how could such a small device can store the GPS system? Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s check them out! One of them might become your favorite!

01. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor
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Introducing the first device over here which is a product of Garmin known as Forerunner As we can see, it looks exactly as normal as any other watch, but if you come to think of its function, you will be amazed!

This GPS watch has a system that will tell you which direction to turn as well as what you going to come across if you make the turn on the street corner. The fact that it can do such process is because it is built with some data that follow the movement of your body or we can call it motionbased.

Besides that, for athletes and trainers, this mini electronic device could also track your workout statistic in small details daily which is definitely very beneficial to those who have a busy schedule, and don’t really much time to check their big screen laptop. Overall, it does not only give you route data but also your daily body movement as well. How cool it is!

02. Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom (Anthracite/Blue Glow)

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom (Black)
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The second electric modern GPS watch over here, with a tick logo on top of the screen, that is definitely a Nike product, one of the world most leading brand in quite many products. It comes in six different colors and would mostly suit all ages of people; black, red, yellow, green, blue, and white. Within a small device, it is known to be able to do as much as a smartphone does.

It has a function where it tracks down information related to your heart rate per second, how long have you been walking per day, what your normal speed is while walking, etc. Most importantly, it is able to show which way you have walked throughout the day, by showing the route map clearly. Regarding its batteries, it can be charged through a USB plug, and it will at around 8 hours if you have the GPS on the whole time. To be even more specific, it has been used by so many people, and the quality of this GPS watch truly did not disappoint anyone of them.

Product Features

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  • Brand By: Nike
  • Minimum Price: $676.88
  • In Stock: Yes

03. Garmin Forerunner 310XT Waterproof USB Stick and Heart Rate Monitor, Gray/Orange

Garmin Forerunner 310XT Waterproof USB Stick and Heart Rate Monitor, Gray/Orange
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Not quite different from another GPS watch, this product from Garmin comes with a function of heart rate monitor where it calculates how healthy you are doing. Also, there is a system where it keeps track with every movement you made from the time you rest it on your ankle, and that might be including cycling, running, jogging, or even swimming.

With all the data that it has collected, either you can view it on the watch directly or even on your computer because when you are doing the move, the system has also indirectly sent the information to your laptop.

This way, you would know that your data is really safe with you. Here comes the best part, with this one, it can go under the water up to 50 meters, therefore it enables you to keep track with your diving or swimming time when there is no one with you. How convenient it is! This product has so far been receiving a lot of good comments! Would you also want to try it out?

04. Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS
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A Bushnell product is hereby to show you some of its function related to GPS watch. First, let’s shall start with the available color where you can choose between, black, grey, green, orange, and white. All these colorful colors are put onto a small pocket-sized watch.

It is worth to know that it strong battery capacity can last up to so many hours that if you are using for playing golf, you are able to play three round, and it is still working. The special function of GPS golf tracking device is that it can calculate the distance of where the ball has been kicked in too, it does not matter to the back, the front, the left, or the right, it can measure every area.

Apparently, although it looks somehow small, you don’t have to worry, the screen on top has made it easy for you to read every small detail without having to connect to your laptop.

Product Features

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  • Brand By: Bushnell

05. TomTom Runner Limited Edition (Green/Deep Blue)

TomTom Runner Limited Edition (Green/Deep Blue)
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Introducing the last product that is called TomTom Runner. By its name alone, we can already see that it works best with calculating the distance of how far you have run and anything that is related to the route map. Talking about the way it appears on the outside, this TomTom watch is available in four different colors, black, grey, pink, and green/deep blue.

As for the functions, beside from tracking runners running distance, it also able to access with heart rate monitoring too. The two tend to normally go together, because when you run and walk, how your heartbeat is completely different, therefore it is best you know the situation of what is happening inside your body.

Plus, with its slim looking body, this product was designed especially for all runners as it is lightweight and more importantly, the waterproof system which keeps away from being affected by your sweat.

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