Top 10 Best Futon Bunk Beds 2019 Buying Guide

Futon bunk bed has many great benefits; counting from being space-friendly to relationship-bonding between your kids and anyone who stays together in the bed. Currently, futon bunk beds have been extended its use to becoming suitable for a dorm or even a hostel business.

Hence, there are countless brands in the market that supplies such beds. Although more choices mean you have more freedom to choose; it can also be a tricky challenge because if you buy one without quality, it’s like you’ve wasted money on things you can’t rely on.

Hence, to help with buying the most-suited futon bunk bed, we have curated a round up of the 10 top best bunk beds which you can check out as your handy reference.

10. Wood Bunk Beds with Ladder and Guard Rail by Dorel Living

Dorel Living
  • Easily converts to two stand-alone beds, 1 twin...
  • Designed to accommodate a mattress without a box...
  • Bed support slats included,Top bed accommodates...
  • Guardrails included.Product dimensions 64.8 H x...
  • Features a ladder that can be installed in 1...

First one in the list, we have Dorel Living that supplies very high quality futon bunk bed. This bunk bed is made from heavy duty solid wood that can stand very heavy weights of users. The total assembled size of this is 10 inches height x 16 inches width x 78 inches length.

Everyone from kids to adults can fit perfectly with this bed. This Dorel Living bunk bed also comes with a ladder and a guard rail. The guard rail, in particular, is built for safety in use, so you don’t have to worry about falling down while sleeping because the guard rail will protect you from that.

09. Full Futon Stairway Bunk Bed by DONCO

  • Solid wood construction
  • Comes with slat roll foundatons--no bunkie boards...
  • Futon folds out into a full size bed
  • Reversible Stairway provides easy access to top...
  • Free Under-Bed Drawers provide additional storage!

Following in the list, we have DONCO; a top-rated futon honey bunk bed. DONCO is in brown color. So when talking about placing this in the room for ideal room design, it can definitely fit with any wall color. Moreover, DONCO is made out of solid wood, so you can always make sure it works excellently in term the performance and durability.

DONCO futon bunk bed also comes with slat roll foundation so you do not need to add another Bunkie boards on each bed. Depending on how you want to use it, if you want, you can even convert it into a full size bed.

Moreover, the DONCO futon bunk bed also has the reversible stairway so that you can use it easily to go to the top bunk no matter where you place them. On top of this, it also comes with under-bed drawers where you can extra spaces to put your personal items.

08. Full Size Metal Bed by WE Furniture

WE Furniture
  • Supports a standard full size mattress
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Open and spacious loft for play and storage
  • Perfect for space saving needs
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step...

Next one in the list, we have one of the modern and contemporary futon bunk bed that is designed to be metal loft bed. It doesn’t look like any conventional bed in the market because this bunk bed from WE Furniture is more concentrated in space expansion. As clearly indicated in the picture, this bed has a bed space high on the top where the below space can be used for any purposes; such as converting to work station.

Therefore, for a person who wants his space to be more efficiently occupied, this loft bed is definitely one of the best choices of all time. This bed used black steel as a metal frame, so you can fit this to any room design. For the size reference, WE Furniture’s loft bed is 71″ x 55″ x 79″.

07. Assemble Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed by Zinus

  • Patent pending Quick Lock Easy Assembly in under...
  • Strong steel support with no box spring needed
  • Convenient and compact packaging allows FedEx/UPS...
  • Children under 6 years old should not be allowed...
  • Mattresses sold separately

On the top 7th, we have Zinus, another high quality bunk bed that you can never find easily in the market. The design is simply beautiful; leaving nothing but the feeling of comfort and warmth when staying on this bed. Zinus Hani bunk bed is made of Metal in order to make sure its toughness and durability when using.

For your reference, this bunk bed dimension is measured as 77.1 x 54.7 x 60.8 inches, so it can easily fit in another size of the room. On top of this, Zinus futon bunk bed is also known for its easiness in assembling. Based on real users’ feedback, this bed takes one hour at most to get the assembling done.

06. Metal Futon Bunk Bed by Home Accent Furnishings

Home Accent Furnishings
  • Item ships within 1 business day! Any order that...
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS - (Left to Right) 80" L x...
  • TOP INTERIOR DIMENSIONS - (Left to Right) 76" L x...
  • NO mattresses are included with this bed
  • Full Assembly Required! For any questions/issues...

On the top 6th, we have yet another best bunk bed designed that look very nicely put. Having a quite similar concept to the one in top 8th, bunk bed from Home Accent Furnishings provides a great furniture choice that includes bed at the top bunk and sofa at the bottom. This design is made for space-friendly.

No matter how space limited your room is, putting this bunk bed will make it a lot spacious. Using white steel as the frame, you can give your room an extra look with this bed. In terms of space, on the other hand, it is 68″Hx80 “Wx54″D. What are you waiting for? Buy one get two types of furniture; only with Home Accent Furnishings.

05. Black X-Large Futon Bunk Bed by Acme Furniture

Acme Furniture - Black Metal Twin X-Large
  • Quality metal for durability
  • Built-in side ladders
  • Full length Guard rails

Another futon bunk bed that has developed a similar concept to the top 6th mentioned previously is Acme Furniture. Now, as you might already read how beneficial and useful is the bunk bed with bed and sofa design in one, Acme Furniture makes bunk bet even more exciting to own with other great functions. One of those is the built-in side ladders.

It is very handy in a way that you can always use easily place it in any direction you want while still being able to climb down through any of the two available ladders.

Besides, it also has a full length guard rails, so even if you never sleep still in a place, you do not have to worry about falling from the top bunk. Last but not least, super heavy duty metal used to construct this futon bunk bed will also allow you to use it for many decades without worrying out getting the new one.

04. Acme Furniture – White Metal Eclipse Bunk Bed

Acme Furniture – White Metal Eclipse Bunk Bed
  • Quality metal for durability
  • Built-in side ladders
  • Full length Guard rails

Similar to the previous one from Acme Furniture, this model of futon bunk bed is also definitely a must have; especially for those who like their furniture in white colors. Acme Furnishing Eclipse white bunk bed has full twin size at both bunks; allowing you to sleep at the top where enjoying your time on the sofa at the bottom.

Again, being the same to its sister model, this bed is very durable and tough because it uses high quality metal frame to support the whole structure. You can use it for a decade without worrying about any quality defects on the bed.

03. Black Futon Bunk Bed by Home Accent Furnishings

Home Accent Furnishings
  • Mattresses not included. Frame only
  • Supports slats included, no box spring needed
  • Futon quickly and easily converts into a full-size...
  • Ideal for space-saving needs
  • Item ships within 1 business day! Any order that...

Now, on the top 3rd, we have another premium quality and design futon bunk bed which is from Home Accent Furnishings. To make this durable bunk bed that fit every house design, Home Accent Furnishings is very aesthetic in a black solid metal frame.

At the top bunk, there is a beautiful bed with full rail guard where at the below, there is a sofa section where you can just put a nice fit pillow made, it gives you the coziest kind of feeling already.

Moreover, this bunk bed can be in another size of the room because it’s not too big or too small, so from kids to adults, you can always use it with satisfaction.

02. Twin Over Futon with Metal Frame and Ladder Bunk Bed by Walker Edition Furniture Company

Walker Edition Furniture Company
  • Supports a standard twin and full size mattress
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Perfect for space saving needs
  • No box spring needed
  • Supports slats included, no box spring needed

On the top 2nd, we have an even more special futon bunk bed that everyone loves and always wants to have one. This bunk bed is from Walker Edition Furniture Company. Now, there are many reasons why this deserves to be on such highest rank. One of which is its interesting and handful design.

For the typical bunk bed, you might have to choose between having the two beds at the top and bottom or having the bed at the top where space for something else at the bottom.

Now, for this one, interestingly, you don’t have to choose between these. You can actually have two beds (twin and full size bed) or one bed with sofa at the bottom; all done by easily switching its position. It is very good for space-saving and flexible. Moreover, it is also durable and long in lifespan. So getting one of this will always be the brightest decision.

01. Black Couch and Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder by DPH

  • Stylish contemporary design, available in black,...
  • Multi-functional design. Futon quickly, easily and...
  • Mattress and futon mattress are sold separately....
  • Side ladder, upper guard rails and childproof...
  • Product dimensions: 78"L x 54.5"W x 72.5"H. Weight...

Finally, we’ve come to the top 1 best futon bunk bed that belongs to DPH. Now, there countless reasons of why DPH futon bunk bed deserves to be in this place. One of which belongs to its design. Using contemporary concept, DPH has a variety of colors for you to choose; from white, black and silver.

Depending on what you prefer, the bottom bunk can be converted from sofa to full size bed and vice versa. On top of this, there is also a strong and secure guard rails that are thoughtfully put to for user’s safety; especially for the kids. DPH bunk bed fits really well with any size of the room.

On top of this, it also makes the small room to be cozy; giving more space for something else. For the size reference, DPH bunk bed is 78″L x 54.5″W x 72.5″H. So if you are looking to get a futon bunk bed for yourself, definitely this one is a must-have.

Buying Guide for Best Futon Buck Beds:

Now, to buy your ideal futon bunk bed, we have two important tips to share with you so every single penning you spend will leave you no regret. First of all, it would be about determining your demand. In other words, most of the time, the bunk bed is made for two people that’s why there are two bunks at the top and the bottom.

However, let’s say if there’s only you to stay on the bed, you can still get your favorite bunk bed; just perhaps the convertible one. That’s is the bed with sofa or the top bunk with space below for study desk or something. So when it comes to choosing the best bunk bed for yourself, the design and the function of the bed would pretty much reflect your real demand.

Secondly, you should always make sure that the height of the bed fits nicely in your room. Naturally, bunk beds are tall in terms of height, especially with the top bunk. In some cases, when the ceiling is too low, one cannot really comfortable stay in the top bunk. Ideally, at least there is a 1 meter high in between from the top bunk to the ceiling. So before making any purchase, you have to make sure that you’ve checked the product dimension with your room spec already.

With these lists of best futon bunk beds and buying tips, choosing the perfect bunk bed for yourself or your family will never be a problem anymore. Lastly, we hope you enjoyed reading our article.

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