Top 10 Best Fireproof Safes for Home Use in 2019

No one wants to lose their valuables at home. Hiding them in your wardrobe or a distant place is not a permanent solution. Fire knows no corner. Could be your jewelry, personal documents, cash, or electronic products. A safe is the best storage unit to safely place your valuable items. But a fireproof safe is the safest thing to invest in. in the event of a fire and every other thing gets consumed by the flames, your fireproof safe is fire resistant. It doesn’t melt. With this, you are guaranteed safety of your valuables. We have made work easier for you by giving an overview of the Best Fireproof Safes for Home Use.

10. AmazonBasics Security Safe

AmazonBasics Security Safe

Your documents, cash, jewelry or electronic gadgets are safe and sound in this 0.5 cubic foot safe. Its security feature is top notch with a pair of emergency override keys and an electronic lock as a safety boost. The limitations of this safe are that it is neither waterproof nor fireproof. The floor is neatly carpeted and the entire safe made from steel. To organize your stuff, the safe has an adjustable shelf in the interior. The concealed hinges are pry resistant and two live door bolts offer maximum security. Access to it is digital running on AA batteries that are a separate purchase. Portability is a plus since you can bolt it to the wall, shelf or floor.

09. SentrySafe Water and Fire Safe with Dual Key Lock

SentrySafe Water and Fire Safe with Dual Key Lock

Flame it up, it will remain intact. SentrySafe is fire resistant enduring 1700 degrees Fahrenheit of fire temperatures in one hour. Your documents are offered advanced protection from fire. Dropping it at most 15 foot doesn’t damage its content. Floods could be dangerous and messy. Your valuables are safe in this safe which is waterproof. Security is enhanced with the Quadra live locking bolts. The safe is made of steel which is tough to break. Its hinge bar is pry resistant. The dual key system prevents unnecessary access or break ins to steal your valuables. The safe is spacious enough with shelves and door pockets for organizing your stuff.

08. SentrySafe Fire Resistant Chest

SentrySafe Fire Resistant Chest

Fire doesn’t consume it. the extra small chest is fire resistant allowing your valuables to remain safe and intact. The reason it is called a safe is to deny access to any unauthorized persons to access your valuables. The key lock is private and prevents anyone from opening its lid in case there is a fire outbreak. The safe comes with a pair of key to unlock the lock type which is flat key. Convenience is what it brags of with sturdy carrying grips to add up to its portability. You can easily carry it in case you need to change its location. Due to its small size, you can fit it anywhere you want.

07. AmazonBasics 1.24 Cubic Feet Fire Resistant Safe

AmazonBasics 1.24 Cubic Feet Fire Resistant Safe

AmazonBasics hasn’t failed in ensuring your valuables are safe during a fire incident. Despite fire protection, your digital media, cash, jewelry and documents are safe from thieves. Made of high quality steel, the safe is durable and withstands temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Security is taken into consideration with the 5 large bolts on it. you can easily and quickly access your valuables with the help of electronic keypad. In case you lose your own set of key, you have an emergency backup key to use. The interior has adjustable shelves for organizing your valuables. You will love this safe.

06. First Alert Fire Resistant and Waterproof Safe

First Alert Fire Resistant and Waterproof Safe

Safety is important when it comes to your valuables. First Alert safe protects your items from theft, fire and water. The interior space is big enough to accommodate your documents, cash, digital media and jewelry. In the event of a fire, this safe can withstand up to 1700 degrees F for one hour. Floods are destructive but your items will remain safe. Thanks to the waterproof seal that offers resistant and protection even if the safe is submerged in water. Its security feature is upbeat with the concealed hinges that are pry proof and prevent theft even with the use of a crowbar.

05. Steelwater 2-Hour Fireproof Safe

Steelwater 2-Hour Fireproof Safe

Fire resistant is a plus with this safe. It has resistance potential of 1010 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. The lock system is re-programmable with an electronic keypad. The many digit combinations-4 to 16 allows you to safeguard your valuable from thieves. The locking bolt is rectangular and very active. Located on the hinge side, access with a crowbar is impossible. The interior has adjustable shelves for you to organize your valuable stuff. The electronic keypad runs on external batteries that are purchased separately. Trust it to keep your valuables safe and intact even in the event of fire. Volatile memory does not exist.

04. SereneLife Safe Box

SereneLife Safe Box

The SereneLife safe is strong due to the high grade steel used during manufacturing. The steel does not corrode adding to its durability. The locking door is a dual system and is stain resistant thanks to the powder finish coating that makes the box more secure. Accessibility by the owner is easy since the box comes with a pair of manual keys. You can bolt it on the wall or floor. The safe runs on AA batteries for controlling the digital panel. The finger sensor technology prevents multiple unauthorized users from accessing the contents of the safe. The technology has an ability to store a maximum of 20 different fingerprints.

03. Finnkarelia Digital Safe Box

Finnkarelia Digital Safe Box

Durability is what this digital safe brags of. Steel used to mold it is high grade and strong to offer maximum protection to your valuables. From cash to firearms, jewelry and documents. All its contents remain intact thanks to the carpeted interior of the safe. The hinges are pry resistant and offer more security to the safe. With four bolts that are inclusive of the package, you can mount this safe on the wall or floor or on a shelf. Using it needs a digital pin or a pair of override keys. The codes can be of between 3-8 digits. The rear part has a password reset button in case of interference. The time out reset period triggers an alarm after three incorrect attempts to unlock the safe.

02. Protex Electronic Wall Safe

Protex Electronic Wall Safe

Among the Best Fireproof Safes for Home Use, Protex is listed and is easy to use. Mounting it on the wall is achievable with the help of mounting bolts. The interior is lined with a fire liner velvet to boost its resistant and aesthetic feature. The inside has removable shelves to allow you organize your valuables and make them easy to find. After mounting it on the wall, you can hang a picture over it to conceal it from people’s view. The safe can be opened with an override key through its hidden lock mechanically. The key is only to be used if your batteries are dead. Installing it requires professional help.

01. Stack-On Personal Steel Safe

Stack-On Personal Steel Safe

A safe for home use that has an electronic lock. The lock allows three to eight combination of digits and has a backup key included in case you forget your pin or have an emergency entry. Made of high quality steel, the Stack-On safe is fire resistant and can withstand 1400F of temperatures for up to 30 minutes. The steel used in manufacture is strong enough to enhance security and is not easy to break in. taking items in and out is easy since the door can open to 180 degrees. The interior of the safe is carpeted and padded to prevent your valuables from getting scratches. The shelves are adjustable to allow easy arrangement of your items.

Types of safes

Here are types of safes for home use that can be used to keep your valuables from theft, fire and water.

Fire Resistant Safe

These safes protect your valuables from damage by high temperatures. Mostly, the interior floor is made of concrete. The inner side of these safes usually can withstand high temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius.

Wall safes

Ideally, the wall safes can be installed in whatever depth of your wall to reduce congestion and are mainly for storing jewelry or personal documents. They have concealed hinges and doors are pry resistant to prevent access by thieves. You can conceal I from view with a painting.

Burglar Resistant Safes

Burglar resistant safes are made in a way that no tools like crowbars can be used to break in by third parties. These safes are mostly not fire or water resistant.

Smart Safe

Technology has it that this safe can automatically dispense money or validate bills. Works like an ATM Machine or coin dispenser. The lock system is electronic and reduces chances of break ins by unauthorized persons.

Environment resistant safe

The environment can be unbearable to the safety of your personal valuables. For instance, floods could damage your items. Environmental resistant safes are meant to withstand such condition even if the safe is submerged in water, its contents remain untouched.

Key features to look for when purchasing a fire resistant safe for home use


Home safes are versatile and can be mounted on the wall, shelves or floor. If you are easy on the move-travelling or love moving houses, consider a safe that can easily be moved without getting damage yet protecting your valuables.


How much you intend to spend will determine the choice of your safe. It is advisable not to go for the cheapest safes if you really value the safety of your valuables. Protection is an investment and you should save more to avoid putting your stuff at risk of accessibility by unauthorized persons.


Safes are for protection but what your safe protects your valuables from will be of importance. Some safes are fire proof, others water proof and others burglar proof. In some cases, a safe could protect your valuables from all these hazards.


The amount of valuables you have will determine the size of safe to purchase. If you have more jewelry or documents, choose a safe that is bigger in size to allow you safely store all your important items from harm. If you have few items to store, choose a smaller sized safe.

Lock style

Normally, mechanical locks will need frequent repairs and maintenance unlike digitized electronic locks that operate on a pin system this offers maximum protection to your items since only you can key in the pin to open the safe.

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