10 Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use Reviews in 2019

Electrical power washers are booming in the market with wonderful and unmatched abilities that have never been seen before. That makes the buying process tough if you do not have full knowledge of the common products and what to look for when buying one. That is why we take this challenge to help consumers note the fine details that come with these amazing washers. Before we look at the individual washers, let’s look at the general buying guide that will be used for all Top 10 Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use In 2019.

10 Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use Reviews;

10. Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 is the leading on the list. It’s one of the powerful washers that you will get in the current market. It is an ultimate dirt fighter due to its powerful motor which gives out 1800 Watt with 2030 PSI and gives a water speed of 1.76 GPM. It is good for commercial use mostly in a car wash and muddy environment. It is the best in environmental conservation due to its energy saving mode which is achieved when the trigger is not pressed.


• Best for light duty cleaning work
• Needs minimum power for cleaning
• It has a long lifespan due to automatic shut off when not in use
• Has a double detergent tank capacity for different detergents
• It has a more than one year warranty


• Some hoses may leak at times

09. Briggs & Stratton 20680

Briggs & Stratton 20680

Briggs & Stratton 20680 is the second on the list. It is good dirt fighter which gives out 1800 Watt and gives a water speed of 1.2 GPM. It is good for commercial because it comes with a 20-foot long hose. That shows that it can be used in different places. It has a turbo nozzle and lastly, it has a single detergent tank.


• It is pretty simple to assemble and it may take less than 10 a minutes
• The washer is relatively light as compared to other types of the same size
• It is effective for smaller jobs
• It is good for most jobs in homes and car wash places


• You can get functionless screws
• It needs grease for lubricating the hoses which is not provided

08. Media tool Electric Pressure Washer

Media tool Electric Pressure Washer

This washer has an 1800-Watt motor which gives a maximum 3000PSI power for better cleaning. It is one of the best air cooled washer which gives a blast via a grime and removes dirt to clean your dirt surfaces. It also has wonderful features that are the best for the current environment.


• It is made in a compact and upright design
• It has axle wheels for easy mobility
• It has pistol style spray for efficient washing
• You have the power to interchange the nozzles
• It has an automatic power halt for saving fuel


• It needs a metallic disconnect for a female-female connector which will cost extra money

07. Greenworks


1. If you need a lightweight electrical pressure washer, Greenworks is the best in that. It gives the power to move with it from place to place. The good thing about it is that it gives you a quick guide on how to set it up. If you live in an uneven place, you can set it up in all positions to get greater stability while using it.
• Give out 1500 PSI at 1.2 GPM blast via grime
• It is flexible and stable in all positions
• It comes with a user manual
• It has a 20-foot hose which can hold high pressure
• It has a five-foot cord for power


• Sometimes it’s noisy at the start
• Its soap dispenser can leak at times

06. Stanley SLP2050

Stanley SLP2050

Stanley SLP2050 is one of the best which comes with a movable cart. It gives you the power to push it to your cleaning job. You can detach it then carry it anywhere you want. If you need to clean all types of surfaces, this is the best washer.


• It gives an amazing cleaning force.
• It is good for cleaning all types of services
• It saves up to 40% of water used during cleaning
• It has 22mm connections that are good for preventing any leakage present
• You will get more than one year warranty with 24/7 customer care services


You need a washer with a higher psi to get the best outcome meaning you will spend more

05. Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150 is great for washing and cleaning any type of that which may be found in pools, cars, and cans. With its pressure former, it has the ability get tough dirt loose and help in removing bad stains. All the good work is done using a foam cannon which combined with a detergent tank for better washing.


• It has an amazing leak-proof 22mm connections that hold tight any form of water
• It has a professional brass hose connector
• and 22mm connections
• It has a powerful washer gun with high pressure
• It also has pressure wand washer
• You have a 25-foot long hose


• It is made of plastic
• Comes with a feel overall which is cheap
• Sometimes it may lack a detergent tank

04. Yard Force 1600PSI

Yard Force 1600PSI

This is a rear type which comes with a 1600 psi and 1.2 GPM. The best thing is that it comes with some Turbo Nozzle which you get a bonus. If you get any problem, you will be protected by a 24months warranty. It also comes with an axial cam pump which gives out the power needed for cleaning


• It is efficient with a 13 Amp electric motor
• It is compact in design with folding handles
• It has storage deck which is inbuilt for all accessories
• It has rear wheel good for pulling when moving
• It also has a well-constructed soap tank for detergent
• It has an automated soap and water mixing ability


• All compartments are too small
• It is hard to return all electric cords and accessories to their places

03. PowRyte 2000PSI

PowRyte 2000PSI

PowRyte 2000PSI gives sufficient pressure which is needed for better cleaning ability. It is the good in using in all places with sanding scraping or even repainting. With its high pressure, you may apply it for cleaning clogged nozzles and channels.


• It is portable with a 1.80GPM for better duty cleaning
• It has an automatic TSS for power saving
• It has a detergent tank which good for easy washing
• It comes with a 35ft cord for easy movement
• It gives you a quick connection for spraying guns


• It lacks long hoses and cords
• It is time-consuming while setting it up
• In some cases, it does not come with a turbo nozzle

02. Power Pressure Washer 2300 PSI Electric

Power Pressure Washer 2300 PSI Electric

This is a guaranteed product which you can find on the market It is made with an amazing technology with a modern design. It is made in a beautiful and powerful way which gives a portable washer in the market.


• It is known for its efficiency and long lasting nature
• It is made with an induction technology which gives its long life
• It has a combination of 30ft power cord with a 20ft hose pipe for better services
• It also has an external soap dispenser
• It has very low sound production thus good in hospitals


• Needs some training for code and hose pipe connection
• It also needs regular cleaning due to its color

01. PowRyte 2000PSI

PowRyte 2000PSI

With a 1.8GPM this washer gives an amazing quick connect and spray tips. If you do not need trouble with your detergent PowRyte 2000PSI will do better due to its onboard well-built detergent tank.


• It has some extra turbo nozzles
• Its nozzle rotates at 360 degrees to give better cleaning
• It has a 35ft cord which comes with a UL for safety


• It needs a hose with twin female connections
• It does not come with an operation manual in some cases

Buying Guide

Before you match out and decide to buy an Electrical power washer, you should make sure that you have a look at the following important factors that affect every buyer.

1. The size of your cleaning area.

If you want an Electrical power washer to use for cleaning your car, patio equipment or your small deck, you should always look at the size of the washer. In the current market, you will get all sizes which include consumer medium washers that you may use in almost every place. Most of them are good for commercial use and that is why most people opt for them. In most cases, medium washers are up to any available task.

2. Motor type

Different types of washers have different motor types. For instance, brush motors are mostly found in small washers. The type of motor also affects the performance, the price and the heaviness of an Electrical power washer. If you buy a washer with a universal motor, you can save money if you are not using it too often. In most cases, brushless motors are good for in larger, powerful washers. They last longer than any type motors.

3. The size of the detergent tanks

The size of a detergent tank determines the type of a washer you have. For instance, handheld and medium washers have room for board detergent tanks. You can also get medium washers that have dual tanks for time-saving.

4. Other additional features include:

  • Nozzle type
  • Cost
  • Working of the washer
  • Type of work either commercial or domestic
  • Warranty
  • Powerful

Having said that, below are the Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use that you should know about


We all that said we believe that you will get what you wanted. Let us hope that this Top 10 Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use In 2019 & Buyer’s Guide will help you reach your decision.

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