Top 10 Best Av Receivers Under $500 in 2019

Choosing your very first A/V receiver is not really an easy task. With so many features to look out for, and so many high quality devices around the corner, the choice can definitely get pretty difficult. And this is exactly why we’ve come up with this list of best av receivers under 500. Read on, to explore your options, check the reviews and finally make your best pick.

Table of 10 Best Av Receivers Under $500.

10 Best Av Receivers Under $500 Reviews;

10. Denon SVR

Denon SVR

If you’re looking for an A/V receiver that comes with a perfect combination of high performance and great value- the SVR-S510BT from Denon can be a great bid. This device comes with a series of awesome features and is compatible with the latest HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2. In addition to this, the video section comes with five different HDMI inputs, and three among them come with a 4k Ultra HD/60 Hz frame rate. So if you’re looking for a perfect home theatre experience- this is one of the best products to bank on.

09. Sony 7.2

Sony 7.2

The Sony 7.2 Home Theater, with its 4k HDR video and 7.2 channel audio renders an excellent audio visual experience. While it comes with excellent sound quality with 145 watts per channel, the easy Bluetooth connectivity lets you enjoy quick and hassle free wireless streaming across multiple apps and devices. And that’s not all! The front surround sound technology further ensures that you enjoy a truly cinematic experience from the device. So if you’re looking to enjoy cinema from the comfort of your homes- this is definitely one of the best products out there.

08. Onkyo TX

Onkyo TX

If you’re looking forward to a cutting edge home theater experience, the Onkyo TX is surely a great pick. This device, with its 7.2 channel and DTS:X technology, offers you multi dimensional audio and video formats. The amplification system of Onkyo will further drive your speaker and reproduce soundtracks with the best possible impact. The UltraHd video quality with eight HDMI terminals is equally impressive.

07. Sony STR

Sony STR

The STR-DH590 from Sony is probably one of the best audio-visual devices from the brand. This A/v receiver comes with the latest 4k TVS and exceptional HDR picture quality. And that’s not all! The device also comes with four different HDMI inputs, features for HDCP 2.2 handling and a host of other equally advanced features that truly amp up your home theatre experience. So if you’re looking for a perfect combination of power and functionality- this is definitely one of the best products out there.

06. Denon AVR-X2300W

Denon AVR-X2300W

If you’re looking forward to a truly immersive audio-visual experience- the AVR-X2300W is probably one of the best products for you. It is an excellent 7.2 channel AV receiver that is backed by the Dolby Atmos and the DTS:X 3D technology. These object-based surround formats offer a dynamic 3D audio-visual experience. In addition to this, the overhead speakers amplify the sound further ensuring that you enjoy the best cinematic experience from the comfort of your homes.

05. Denon AVR-S720W

Denon AVR-S720W

The AVR-S720W is a perfect combination of exceptional performance and great value. It deliver breathtaking surround audio-visual experience with its latest 3D audio formats, namely the Dolby Atmos and the DTS:X. You can also connect this device to a 5.1/5.2 surround speaker along with Dolby Atmos elevation speakers that will collectively provide a 3D audio-visual experience. Get this device right away for its Hollywood-esque sound.

04. Onkyo TR S73

Onkyo TR S73

The TR S73 from Onkyo is probably one of the best products from the brand. It effectively decodes Dolby TrueHD to the regular Blue-ray disc. While the HDMI terminals will pass the most updated versions of the video formats, the Bluetooth technology will let you share/watch audios and videos from any app or device. And that’s not even the best part! One of the features that truly make this device stand out is the AccuEQ measures that’ll correct the speaker distance and the output level thereby rendering finished and extremely high quality audio and visuals.

03. Pioneer A/V Receiver

Pioneer A/V Receiver

If you’re looking for an affordable A/V receiver that’ll offer next generation audio-visual quality- this A/V receiver from Pioneer is definitely one of the best products. This device comes with ultra HD upscaling that lets you take the maximum advantage of the best quality video source to watch top notch content on your 4K TV. While the HDCP 2.2 will render flawless video quality, the device will also let you enjoy glitch free audio streaming with the wireless LAN connection. So if you’re looking to take your cinematic experience to the very next level, this is one product that won’t disappoint you.

02. Yamaha TSR-5810

Yamaha TSR-5810

The Yamaha TSR-5810 is a sleek, stylish and incredibly powerful device that comes backed with some of the best features. It is a 7.2 channel 4k ultra HD network that offers exceptional video quality and unbelievable Dolby digital sound. While the free Music Cast app will let you easily access your music library, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will let you play and share audios and videos from any possible device.

01. Pioneer VSLX101

Pioneer VSLX101

This A/V receiver from Pioneer comes with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology that collectively render highly dynamic sound quality. The video quality is equally impressive. With the ultra-HD picture quality you’ll get to see even the minutest details in utmost clarity. Like all the other devices mentioned here, the Pioneer VLSX too comes with Wifi and Bluetooth. So if you’re looking to invest in an affordable and high quality A/V receiver, this is one product that will never disappoint you.

Things to consider while choosing an AV receiver:

+ Inputs and outputs – This is probably one of the most relevant aspects of a good AV player. Higher number of inputs and outputs simply means that you’d be able to connect the receiver with multiple devices. Ideally, your device should come with 5-8 HDMI terminals.

+ Sound – Sound is yet another important factor that you should always consider before investing on a device. Try to look for receivers with Dolby Digital sound and DTS:X technology. Both these features will collectively provide dynamic audio.

+ Video – Your AV receiver should come with Ultra-HD picture quality and 4k resolution. This will ensure that the device renders a truly cinematic experience.

+ Price – The product, besides being feature rich should also be affordable. Ideally the best AV receivers are priced somewhere between $300-500.


Well, now that you know everything about choosing the best a/v receivers, what are you waiting for? Explore your options and make the best pick to enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your homes.

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