Top 10 Best Air Hockey Table for Home Use in 2019

An air hockey table is an approach to have a ton of fun with your companions or your family while having the capacity to add a little well disposed rivalry to the amusement. Air hockey tables used to be accessible to play just in arcades or family fun focuses. Presently, it is a choice to have the capacity to buy an air hockey table to play right in your own special home.

On the off chance that you, your family, flatmates, or companions have chosen to purchase your own air hockey table, you need to settle on some vital choices. Beginning with – Which air hockey table do I purchase? There are such a large number of choices. It can appear like such an overwhelming errand. You would prefer not to go out and purchase the first you see. Consider every one of the variables to consider while picking the best air hockey table for you.

List of The Best Air Hockey Tables

Top 10 Best Air Hockey Table for Home Use in 2019.

10. Playcraft Sport 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey

Playcraft Sport 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey

The Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table is the total bundle for more youthful kids. Despite the fact that all grown-ups will be enticed to play and they will. This table is built with a MDF hardwood outline. It has a UL-endorsed, 100 cfm air controlled engine giving the air hockey table the power it requirements for the pucks to slide effortlessly rapidly no matter how you look at it. The 110v air fan engine is effectively connected to an electrical outlet near the playing zone. An on and off switch effectively enables you to turn the electrical power on and off at your convenience.

Children never need to quit playing to recover their puck. The ABS puck catcher guarantees fast puck return. This table is perfect for youth of any age. On the off chance that you require an air hockey table you can without much of a stretch store and set go down for your children and their companions. The Playcraft Sport is the correct table best air hockey game you require.

09. Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table9

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table9

The Sport Squad HX40 is the fitting decision for families or individuals with constrained room. It’s is lightweight and simple to store away. Also set up just takes a matter of seconds to finish. The feet are secured with non-stamping elastic so your table, floor, or wherever you utilize it won’t get scratched, regardless of how unpleasant you play.

The electric controlled HX40 is helpful for everybody included. The feet are secured with non-stamping elastic so your table, floor, or wherever you utilize it won’t get scratched, regardless of how unpleasant you play.

The HX40 accompanies 2 pucks, 2 pushers, and an AC connector. You effortlessly connect this to a standard electrical outlet. The objective boxes restore your pucks or more there are two manual scorers that keep track naturally as every objective is scored.

08. Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

The Harvil 5 ft Air Hockey Table is an aggregate pleasure for all players. The tough wooden development and astounding illustrations pull in players consideration before the amusement even starts. The Harvil Hockey Table accompanies 2 pucks and 2 hitters, and with electronic scoring that is worked just by utilizing AAA batteries.

The playing field has a smooth surface joined with double 100v air fueled blowers which influence the puck to coast. Players will feel like they are playing on a real arcade air hockey table. A constrained 90-day guarantee is accessible for a few.

07. ESPN


Outlined by ESPN, this 60″ Air Powered Hockey Table gives you a chance to remember a portion of the fervor of those hockey games you see on TV while playing at home. This table has an intense look that highlights the ESPN logo on the two sides, around the edges and at first glance, which likewise accompanies complements in red and dark that influence your puck to resemble it’s extremely flying. An overhead piece runs appropriate over the focal point of the table and capacities like an electronic scoreboard, yet you can likewise utilize this without power on account of the implicit manual scorer.

The leg levelers on the base enable you to change or modify the tallness of at least one legs in light of your floors, and its 110V blower, which works with any outlet, furnishes players with reliable airflow. This ESPN table accompanies embellishments for playing, including two dark pushers and two red pucks.

06. MD SPORTS Air Powered Hockey Table

MD SPORTS Air Powered Hockey Table

On the off chance that you are an air hockey game junkie and invest a ton of energy in arcades and bars, it is the high time to include your family and play this aggressive diversion in the solace of your home. This is a professionally composed table that offers you with a similar affair like those you will discover in competitions. Gloating of finish frill sets, this table offers you an opportunity to appreciate this addictive diversion together with your loved ones.

05. EA Sports 60 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table

EA Sports 60 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table

Powerful, tasteful, and extraordinarily well worked to offer you an administration you can rely upon for a long time, the EA Sports hockey table is a mind-blowing purchase. This is an ideal table for people searching for a hockey table that will prepare their amusement stay with style and fun. We cherish the noteworthy visual impacts that influence you to have a craving for playing regardless of whether you would prefer not to. This table isn’t just intended to fit the requirements of expert players yet additionally is an incredible alternative for learners and middle of the road players.

04. Big whig Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table

Big whig Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table

The Fat Cat does everything, truly. This immense diversion table consolidates billiards, air hockey, and table tennis. An awesome expansion to any family amusement room. On the off chance that you can’t choose which diversion table to get, now you don’t need to pick only one.

The Fat Cat accompanies all that you have to play every one of the three recreations. It incorporates 4 pushers, 4 pucks, set of billiard balls, a pitch triangle, two 57 inch 2-piece signal sticks, a billiard brush, 2 bits of chalk, 2 tennis oars and balls, a net and post set.

Each of the 3 amusements accompany all that they requirement for their individual playing fields. For example, green Tetolon material, a trifold table topper for tennis, a scoring framework, a reflexive white surface for air hockey with an air blower and manual scoring. All that you require is appropriate here and prepared to go. Some get together will be required.

03. Harvil 7 Foot Air Hockey

Harvil 7 Foot Air Hockey

This is the one everyone recalls. Its the table best machine that you would play on the eating table after supper and attempt to crush your kin fingers with or influence daddy to spill his drink; yet not on the amusement. Continuously useful for an extraordinary time, this will everlastingly be one of the five best air hockey tables basically on the grounds that it’s essential fun, yet additionally in light of the fact that its the least expensive of the pack and cash matters.

02. NHL stitch

NHL stitch

NHL fans will enjoy all the way across the top and sides on this 48-inch Adjust and Store Hover hockey table, which accompanies the National Hockey League illustrations. The border that encloses the table even contains illustrations of the Eastern and Western meetings and additionally the Stanley Cup in the middle. These illustrations insist on the best and let you choose whether you have to play for the East or the West.

An unusual element of this table is that the legs change in accordance with three unique statures: eight inches, 26.5 inches and 31 creeps to balance your size or how you play, and you can effortlessly balance the table with the sections push down on each leg. It accompanies a small fan who moves the puck as a blower and an electronic scoreboard that accompanies sensitive sound beats.

01. Beachcomber


To the extent the air hockey game is concerned, the Beachcomber mark stays one of the prevalent producers that is committed to guaranteeing that the players get the best amusement play understanding. This brand is prestigious for their durable and high performing tables that offers you ultra-energizing gameplay that keeps your entire family engaged. Not at all like the tables that you find in arcades and bars that are too extensive, this is a minimal table that presents to all of you the arcade fun into the solace of your home without swarming your diversion room.

Variables to consider while searching for the best air hockey tables

When you consider it, our kids and at times we could be spending a great deal of cash in the arcade while playing this diversion. In any case, you could have some good times on the off chance that you challenge your companions or relatives to an activity stuffed round of air hockey at the solace of your home. While it can be difficult to recognize the distinction between the different models available, considering the accompanying variables will enable you to settle on an educated choice.


There are different types of air hockey tables accessible. For the most part, there is no prevalent type than the other since it relies upon the clients require. A portion of the models accessible incorporate the arcade style hockey tables for proficient utilize, fundamental models for amicable recreations and practice, tabletops tables which are more moderate and available to redo and also multi-diversion air hockey tables.

Expertise Level

The following variable to consider is your ability levels. The alternatives are separated by the client aptitudes. We have the tables intended for fledglings, middle of the road and progressed. The decision you select is additionally controlled by your inclination. On the off chance that you would need a table to play easygoing amusements with loved ones. Moderate and amateur level tables are extraordinary. Nonetheless, in the event that you would need to go master, getting a propelled table will offer you with competition gameplay.

Size and development Material

Those who have ever played air hockey in an arcade know about the standard size of the table. These tables are generally 8 feet long. In the event that you live in a little loft, this table may be too enormous for you. Then again, these tables likewise have a tendency to be extremely costly, so in the event that you are on a financial plan, you may discover them difficult to get. With regards to development materials, you should ensure that the table is created from strong hardwood to guarantee sturdiness and not too bad execution.


You can discover a ton of alternatives when you are searching for the best air hockey table while experiencing the diverse air hockey table reviews. Ensure that you are purchasing a strong sturdy item and this will empower you to appreciate air hockey with every one of your loved ones. Pick a table that you can without much of a stretch set up and that is sans bother to utilize and say farewell to individuals with telephones adhered to their appearances. This is the genuine article.

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